Below are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Raivo OTP.


What is Raivo OTP?

Raivo OTP is a mobile application designed for Apple iPhones and Apple iPads. Raivo OTP can be used to secure your online identity. You already have a username and password for various online services. However, your password can be breached, which makes you vulnerable to hacks. To mitigate this risk, security experts came up with a solution called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

MFA comes in many forms, the most common one being a 6-digit code on your phone. Whenever you authenticate to one of your accounts, you have to enter your 6-digit code besides your username and password. The 6-digit code changes every 30 seconds, which is why it can't be easily breached. It increases the cyber resilience of your online identity.

You can enable MFA in almost every online service. It is generally found on the (security) settings page of the online service. Whenever you enable it, you need to scan a QR-code using Raivo OTP. The 6-digit code that changes every 30 seconds is then stored in Raivo OTP.

After enabling MFA for an online service, you have to enter the 6-digit code everytime you authenticate using your username and password. You can find the 6-digit code in Raivo OTP at all time.

What are one-time passwords?

A one-time password (OTP) is a password that you can have in addition to the username and password you use for online services. As the name states, you can only use an OTP once. Don't worry, the OTP will change every 30 seconds, after which you can use it again. As it changes every 30 seconds, it is difficult for hackers to obtain it. Therefore, using an OTP increases your cyber resilience.

Are my one-time passwords encrypted?

Yes, all one-time passwords (effectively the seeds) stored in Raivo OTP for iOS are encrypted using your encryption (master) password and your PIN code. If you have Apple iCloud synchronisation enabled, your one-time passwords in Apple iCloud are encrypted using your encryption (master) password.

Raivo OTP for MacOS does not store any one-time passwords. It only receives them from Raivo OTP for iOS. The connection between Raivo OTP for iOS and Raivo OTP for MacOS is encrypted using an encryption key that was generated during the installation of Raivo OTP for MacOS.

If you export a ZIP-archive using Raivo OTP for iOS, the ZIP-archive is encrypted using your encryption (master) password.

Is Raivo OTP available for other operating systems?

Raivo OTP is only available for iOS and MacOS. It will not be supported on other operating systems such as Windows or Android. The Raivo OTP MacOS application is simply a companion application that receives OTP's when you tap them in Raivo OTP for iOS. The MacOS application will never evolve in a fully fledged application as it compromises the security level.

What does Raivo OTP for MacOS do that Apple Handoff doesn't?

Apple Handoff has two annoying requirements that Raivo OTP for MacOS doesn't have.

  • Handoff doesn't work without Bluetooth, Raivo OTP for MacOS does!
  • Handoff doesn't work cross iCloud account, Raivo OTP for MacOS does!


Can I become a beta tester?

Yes, you can join the Raivo OTP beta by downloading Raivo OTP via Apple TestFlight.

Download Raivo OTP beta

How do I configure Raivo OTP for iOS once installed?

  1. Open Raivo OTP from your homescreen.
    It is the white icon with the red shield.
  2. Select a synchronisation provider. Afterwards tap continue.
    This provider will store your passwords (encrypted) and synchronise them across your devices. We strongly recommend using Apple iCloud.
  3. Choose a strong encryption (master) password and save it in your password manager. Afterwards tap continue.
    If you forget this encryption (master) password you will lose access to your OTPs. You don't have to enter it every time you open the app, just during (re)installation.
  4. You need to set a PIN code. Afterwards tap continue, confirm your PIN code, and tap continue again.
    The PIN code is required everytime you unlock the app.
  5. At last, Raivo OTP gives you the option to enable biometrical unlock (e.g. FaceID).
    By enabling biometrical unlock you don't have to enter your PIN code everytime you open the app.

How do I configure Raivo OTP for MacOS once installed?

  1. A prereqesuit for using the MacOS app is that you have Raivo OTP for iOS installed.
    You cannot use the MacOS app without Raivo OTP for iOS.
  2. After installation, click on the Raivo OTP shield in the MacoS status bar.
    The status bar is the bar in the top of your screen (it contains e.g. your battery level).
  3. Open preferences via the Raivo OTP menu in the status bar.
    An actual application window will open after clicking preferences.
  4. Click on 'Get started' and in the mean time open Raivo OTP on your iOS device.
    We will use the iOS app to connect it to the MacOS app.
  5. In the iOS app, go to 'Settings', then 'Receivers' and tap the '+' button in the top right corner.
    A camera view will now open which you need to point to your MacOS device.
  6. Scan the QR-code in the MacOS app using the iOS app.
    Raivo OTP for MacOS and iOS are now synced. Whenever you tap an OTP in Raivo OTP for iOS, the OTP will be sent to the clipboard of your MacOS device.


How can I add a custom issuer icon?

Raivo OTP uses GitHub to manage and host issuer icons. To add your own icon, create a pull request to the repository using a GitHub account. This guide from GitHub describes how you can create your first pull request.

How do I extract a ZIP-archive export?

Make sure to send the export file to your computer. On your computer, you can extract the ZIP-archive using any ZIP-utility. Your ZIP-archive export is encrypted using your encryption (master) password that you've configured during the setup of Raivo OTP for iOS.

How do I restore from a ZIP-archive export?

In the settings screen, tap import and select a previously created Raivo OTP ZIP-archive. Enter the password of the ZIP-archive (this is the master password of the Raivo OTP installation with which you've created the export). Afterwards, all one-time passwords in the ZIP-archive will be added to your current Raivo OTP installation.